Thursday, 19 July 2012

The woman goes to the woods

The woman goes to the woods and asks to walk 4 or 5 km walk quietly, silently, searching the ground for chutsáj (chaguar) , also other varieties, to make thread.She finds a place where there are rather large. All its outline is thorny, like hooks. She boards an amount, makes a bundle and takes it home. she holds one butt and the other with her hands to begin to get the fiber. Hits, wash and dry the material obtained. Does the thread slowly. Everything is a ceremony, a knowledge as old as time made rite of gender. Then she goes back to the mountain to find seeds, shells, resin, to make dyes. She doesn't count stitches. She just dreams the design and weaves it directly. It ends in a purse or backpack which carries a single seam.

this story is so real as the sun and the days which pass by

woven secrets of wise women: holy and ancient crafts

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