Tuesday, 17 July 2012

haunting beauty

another great tool to a happy life is, clearly, great music

sorry, I don't like Celine Dion - neither Titanic, by the way!

There is something very personal about the music we like. Something with roots in the soul, our chidlhood (what our parents used to listen when we were kids, for example) and memories and symbols as well... the music is a map of our lives: it shows a lot to those who know how to read it.
Personally, I like many styles and rhythms. It depends of my mood.
I prefer though those sounds with mystery and a special beauty and when I find some new artist, I feel happy as a child at Christmas =))

Let me introduce you to my latest find, the amazing, stunning, haunting Ólöf Arnalds from Iceland

and here links to two songs - she sings in English but I prefer her singing in her mother tongue: it seems she is flying far away to some enchanted and far away place

ok, I have to correct that: even when she sings in English, she sounds amazing
check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3caiEhHvSzc&feature=list_other&playnext=1&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BEQLZNjESsJNpk79bmke0v

enjoy the sound =)

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