Monday, 16 July 2012

I don't understand from where it comes this passionate love for the Peter Pan necklaces. I don't. But I love them too. I just don't like the name: they look more like Wendy's stuff, actually! but nevermind: everybody loves Peter and his Neverland.
I couldn't resist to try my own way and create some designs when I got this wonderful material of Permin (cotton, viscose, linen)
So here they are!
Peter Pan necklace by CoolCaracol model Anna

and the model Aïda:
Peter Pan necklace by CoolCaracol model Aïda

if you want to take a look to more pics, here is the link to the shop
I promise I will upload instructions to make one of these beauties soon!

you stranger, have a great start of the week!!

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