Monday, 25 June 2012

waking up to another gray morning -but hey! the raspberries are almost mature, the strawberries say hi with its deep, brilliant red and there is so much to do! Right now, I'm knitting a blanket of alpaca wool. It's not a complicated work, but it requires time and routine - not my strongest points! Later on, I will upload some pictures or you can check it at the Etsy shop CoolCaracol There it should pop in soon =))
Today, I woke up in Swedish, had tea with my husband and I checked my English e-mails. So, to make the balance and because nothing sounds better than the mother tongue, I'm playing music in Spanish. It's not so easy to be a traveler/foreigner when it rains and you feel the strong call of the earth. It's good that the earth has its own language.
There is an expression in Swedish, "att rota sig" which means to take roots. Now the sun comes (here comes the sun!) and the music in Spanish shines and my daughters are waking up.
Here, like a brilliant stone, a spell (to call the sun?), I leave you a song (Argentinian new folk), "at dawn":

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