Sunday, 24 June 2012

I was at a Vintage Exhibition past may here in Malmö. Interesting how the vintage becomes just like a life style. Retro, nostalgia and eco-friendly concepts mixed all together in a passionate cocktail. We miss the idea of a durable, dependable, loyal something, especially nowadays, when everything gets replaced, broken and disposable after a brief sigh... why we love vintage? if your marriage doesn't work because you have schedule problems to meet each other or if the high tech society becomes too cold or too far away from any possible, fleshy nearness, then you still have your reliable vintage shoes/table/dress/leather bag/lamp made of real, endurable stuff, telling you: "yes, some things are unique and forever" and "yes, I'll always be by your side".
Agree. But vintage is also a way to consume less, to collect treasures, to upcycle and recycle things and then, yes, it's a whole life style. Go green, go vintage =))
Here, a link to get some vintage knitting patterns, for free

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