Saturday, 30 June 2012

I've finished the walnut blanket a few days ago... finally! =)) it takes some time to focus and dance with the needle, stitch after stitch after stitch... here it is:
 THE WALNUT BLANKET. a tenderly crochet gesture

and here the link to more pictures & info in etsy

Today we were at the viking village in Skåne. It was some hundred of years ago a village there for real. Now it is a kind of recreation of a viking little village. During the summers, people go and camp there and live like real vikings. If you are not a new real viking -that's my case-, you have to pay for visit them. After paid, can you see them fight and sell handcrafts, all together!!
The most curious is that many "real new vikings" are not even from Scandinavia. Many come from England, another from Germany and so on... So the real new vikings speak mostly English... remarkable!!!

Anyway, there I met Sabine from Germany. I bought a fabulous wool skein from her. She uses very old techniques and get a high quality product. I am already thinking what to do with the fabulous indigo wool I got from Sabine =))

here is the link to her shop (it's in both English and German)

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